Vendor’s Terms and Condition




Any significant change with respect to the beneath rules that effects the merchant working model will be impacted by means of Email to sellers. Merchants are required to stay up with the latest in Seller Center.


Naija Book store has set up an unmistakable and straightforward commission structure, in light of the items offered by the merchants. This commission structure can be evaluated on Seller Center (Settings >> Merchant’s Profile >> Commissions).


The merchant is in charge of making items on Seller Center and additionally transferring pictures and substance that meet Naija Book store desires. Naija Book Store staff will survey and quality check every item to guarantee they are agreeable with Naija Book Store’s desires. An item won’t go live unless it meets all prerequisites.

Picture Guidelines and Resizing Tool

  • You can upload up to 8 imagesfor each product in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats
  • Maximum file size is 1MB
  • First Imagewill be the main image of your product.
  • First Imageshould be the front view of the product
  • Watermarked images are not allowed
  • Background of the product should always be white
  • Image size should always be 680×850 pixels. If your image is between 1000×1000 and 2000×2000 pixelsyou can use our image crop tool to re-size, rotate and crop your images

To access this tool, click the top left corner of each image you upload

Note: The alter symbol will only show up on recently transferred/unapproved pictures

How to utilize the instrument?

Step 1: Zoom in or out to influence the item to cover 80% of the void area

Step 2: Drag the matrix to ensure the item is halfway situated

Step 3: Use arrow buttons to rotate the image if required

Step 4: Click on ‘Crop’ to save the changes



Satisfaction by Merchant (Drop Shipping)


  • Cancellation Rules


In the event that the supply of the seller is exceptional, no cancelation ought to happen.

The Merchant will be charged (commission of the Item x2, topped at 1500 Nairas for each thing) for each request wiped out by his will.


  • Fulfillment time run the show


The seller focuses on preparing (i.e. setting the request to “prepared to send”) each request inside 24 hours of the Item hitting the merchant’s Seller Center entry.

The Merchant confers into conveying (i.e. guaranteeing the Item is set to “sent” status) 100% of its requested item to NAIJA BOOK STORE outlet inside 48 hours after the Item was set to “prepared to dispatch” status.


  • Pick-up benefit


Merchants may apply to take part in get benefit for Fulfillment by Merchant Items by reaching Naija Book Store Seller Support focus. The Naija Book store group will survey the demand and may favor or deny the demand, in view of existing  pick-up fleet availability.




Naija Book Store will conduct tests and audits of the packaging practices of each Merchant and may refuse to ship an order for which the packaging is not matching the Packaging Guidelines.


If the products packaged by the merchant and received byNAIJA BOOK STORE are not following the rules, Item can be repackaged by Naija Book Store, all things considered, Naija Book Store will invoice the merchant, or the bundle can be send back to the merchant.


Package must not show any sign of usage or any sign of damages. As an outcome, if more than 2 (two) times in a single month, the requests got by NAIJA BOOK STORE from the seller are not following the packaging rules, NAIJA BOOK STORE may charge a punishment to the merchant or propose the seller to change its Fulfillment Method under the authorize of Store suspension or contract termination.


Merchants are in charge of giving sufficient packaging to their items. Sufficient packaging will ensure the item amid the whole conveyance and return back to seller process. If the Naija Book Store – branded packaging isn’t adequate to secure the item, the merchant must supply extra bundling, for example, bubble wrap, a bigger box, or space fillers. All items that might be pounded due to the conveyance procedure must be pressed in a container, as opposed to flyers. If an item is too little for the container gave, the seller must fill the unfilled space with a filler material.





Return  to Vendor/Return to Inventory


Once set apart as “Failed Delivery” and the bundle is untouched by the client, it is sent to the Return Hub un-altered for pick-up/conveyed to your doorstep. On the off chance that the bundle has been opened by our client, it will be recovered and sent to Naija Book Store outlet where it will be quality registered and added up with our stock.


The Naija Book Store team processes items for return to vendors on a daily basis. Sellers should just go to the distribution center to get return items on the off chance that they have gotten an affirmation email from the Naija Book Store group. You are required to give your Seller ID while going by the stockroom to pick returns. On the off chance that you don’t have your merchant ID, please send a mail to with the name of the store-proprietor/store-agent. This individual must accompany a substantial type of ID that matches the data given.


The affirmation email would incorporate the quantity of items handled for pick-up and the planned date. It is your obligation to confirm that the rundown of Item given to you in the stockroom correspond to the rundown got in the affirmation or e-mail sent to you. If it doesn’t correspond , please send us an email with the rundown of items gathered to


Once the merchant has gotten an affirmation email that items have been handled for return pick-up, the seller has 21 days to get these item or the items will be viewed as relinquished by the merchant. If it’s not too much trouble please ensure that the email data gave in Seller Center is correct and confirmed functional in other to abstain from missing essential return to-merchant information.


All Merchant will get week by week installments for things set to conveyed inside 7 days of the payout day. Each Vendor on will be distributed a business day of the week, from Monday to Friday, for installments.


Naija Book Store has set high operational desires for all sellers joining on the stage.

Conduct prompting Charges:

If by chance that the Merchant does not regard the agreement terms, it will be charged according to the following by-law:

  • Cancelled items: All requests wiped out before an item is delivered because of seller mistake will be considered out of stock and will be charged a Fee.
  • Late Shipment: All requests set from Pending to prepared to-deliver after the required course of events of 24 hours will be charged a Late Fulfillment Fee.
  • Returns and Rejections: All items returned by the client because of a merchant related issue, for example, deficient item, imperfect item, fake item, or missing item, will be charged an expense.

Naija Book Store will charge expenses according to the beneath levels:

  • Cancellation: 2 X Standard Commission esteem topped at 1000 Naira for each Item
  • Late Shipment: Standard Commission esteem topped at 1000 Naira for each Item


Items offered to our clients MUST be genuine. Naija Book Store has ZERO resilience for the offer of fake items, including any items that have been wrongfully imitated, repeated, or fabricated.

50,000 Naira fine on first event of discovery of a recorded copy or fake.

50,000 Naira fine on second event of discovery of a recorded copy or fake.

On the third event, the merchant will be delisted and banned inconclusively from the store.

for enquiries and other related issues and regulation


phone: +2348106545127 or +2348171235284

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