Born to Lead


The word leadership has become a buzzword in our society today. Everywhere you go you see people talk about it, mostly related to the government and the people in power. Unknowingly, there is more to leadership than what most people think. This particular book is designed to give you a clearer exposition and understanding on the subject of leadership. It is tailored to help you locate where you fit in as a leader, your call in life, and your role in nation building. It is transformational in the sense that it will help you unlock the hidden leadership potential in you in whatever field you find yourself. It will also help you unleash some vital keys that will enable you discover your field of competence, where you can operate and make positive impact in the society. It is time to look inward to really discover the latent talents buried on the inside of you that has been waiting for long.

In this book we shall address issues like:

Who is a leader? What makes a leader?
How do I become a leader in my field?
How do I locate my field of competence so I can stay at the cutting edge?
Are there certain qualities I need to possess to truly manifest my leadership potential?
Am I a leader?
Are leaders born?

All these and many others shall be explored in detail in this great book.


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